CANbus - BeagleBone Black vs. BeagleBone Black Wireless

The BeagleBone Black apparently has two CANbuses through the AM355x SOC. But I’m not certain that the BB Wireless has CAN built in. The Molloy book discusses CAN on the Black and I have actually been able to follow that book’s example on a Black Wireless and the OS recognizes CAN. I haven’t actually hooked up the pins to test it though.

Both (AM335x) Boards have 2 CAN buses, but one is shared with the i2c port… So over time, some images didn’t have config-pin for that configuration… It should be easy to enable today…


@RobertCNelson, Thanks! I’m a bit confused though. I thought that the BBB Wireless used an Octavo Systems chip. Is it also an AM335x? Are you saying the Black Wireless does have 2 CAN buses?

Also, if it is shared with the i2C, I assume that both I2C and CAN can’t be used on those pins at the same time. Correct?


The same pins from the Octavo OSD3358 are routed like the AM335x, it just contains onboard memory, etc…

CAN0 - P9.19/P9.20 (normally i2c eeprom)

CAN1 - P9.24/P9.26

Just make sure to load both overlays to ensure can is enabled…


I was just looking at the BOM for the BB Wireless and I don’t see a CAN transceiver listed.
I can’t find a pinout that is unique to the Wireless, so I can’t tell if they are still DCAN0-RX, DCAN0-TX, DCAN1-RX, and DCAN1-TX. If they are now CANH and CANL, that’s great, otherwise the Wireless will still need and external transceiver like the Ethernet version.
Does anyone know for sure?

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Correct, there is no Transceiver on “any” of the BBB designs.

While you can configure the I/O for CAN usage with an overlay, you’ll still need to connect a transceiver to your CAN Bus.


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