cannot connect to BBBlue after update

I attempted an upgrade recently on my new BBBlue; however, it hung up at 99% completion (according to terminal window in Cloud9 via http://beaglebone.local:3000/ide.html). I lost connection with the webUI so I ssh’ed into the board and finished/recovered the update with dpkg --configure -a. Unfortunately, shortly after this, I lost connection with the board through ssh and I am unsure how to reach the board to fix/debug. Current symptoms:

  • LED 0 is blinking in “heart-beat” rhythm
  • LEDs G and R and blinking interchangebly (like emergency lights?)
  • pressing the MOD button changes the rhythm of LEDs G and R
  • pressing the PAU button pauses the G and R LEDs from blinking- WIFI LED is lit (steady, no blinking)
  • ON LED is lit (steady, no blinking)
    Can someone tell me how to either revert to factory settings or find another way to hack into this board?


Just reflash:

use to create the microSD card from the *.img.xz file: