cannot find commands such as man or rpm

Flashed BBB to AM335x 11.7 2023-09-02 4GB eMMC IoT Flasher Debian Bullseye IoT Image 2023-09-02

After the flash I cannot execute man or rpm commands
Get message:
-bash: man: command not found
-bash: rpm: command not found
whereis man
man: /usr/local/man /usr/share/man
whereis rpm
echo $PATH
Very new to BBB. Did I miss something in the upgrade process?

Hi @Jcal Debian use dpkg/apt-get vs Fedora/RedHat’s rpm…


Robert thank you for your help.
As I stated I am new to BBB. Last used Linux in the 80’s.
Will google get and rpm.

Can anyone elaborate on man not found?

man is usually not installed on the iot image to save space.

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install man-db


Ok. I guess I can live with that for now. If googling (hmm. that even a word) for help on commands gets to cumbersome will install “man”.

Is the Debian opsys on BBB the same as that found at
or is there a site where I can find documentation specific to Debian on BBB

Correct, it’s just Debian.

The easiest way to do a binary search for debian packages is: Debian -- Packages


Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated