cannot install vnc on BBB with Debian

Good morning

I just started with BBB, and I have Debian OS inside the board. I want to remotely access the board using VNC viewer. I entered BBB using ssh in puTTY.

i have used the following commands

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get dist-upgrade

apt-get install x11vnc

after this i got errors, i think it is not installed correctly. can anyone help me?

It "helps" to show what error's you got..


Thank you Mr. Robert for replying. i have attached a screenshot of puTTy ssh window that represent the error. Please go through this. Shall i port latest OS into the board?

error.doc (95 KB)

This mean you should connect your board to internet .
check your network setting

Thank you

but how i connect my board to internet? i just plugged with usb cable to the pc. For internet connection shall i need any ethernet connection to the network through router? i tried to assign a static ip address to BBB. but it didn’t work
what i will do?

Yes , connect via Ethernet ,
and turn on the routers dhcp server
and reboot the board

thank you. i will try.