Cannot Set Static IP address on Beaglebone Black Version 4.1.12-ti-r29 Ubuntu 15.04 and Debian 8.2

I would like to access the internet while I am on my BBB so that I can update some files using git. Unfortunately I have not been successful in gaining access to the internet through my BBB. I tried the link below without success. I had assumed that the Debian configuration would be the procedure that I am after. Having said that I also tried Coonman, but it too did not work as there was a file missing and I am still not certain if this procedure is relevant given the system that I am using as listed below. Any suggestions out there? Thanks in advance if someone replies.

Linux beaglebone 4.1.12-ti-r29 #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 9 22:46:19 UTC 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux Debian Image 2015-11-12


The best way to connect your BBB to the internet is to plug it into an Ethernet network/DHCP-router directly.
Using the USB bridge to Ethernet inside a Windows computer can be problematic.

So I recommend a serial cable directly into the console port and a direct Ethernet connection.

If you need to know the ip address of the BBB, ask the router, or type ‘ifconfig’ into the command line on the BBB.

This assumes your router will assign an IP address via DHCP.

If you need a fixed IP address, see if your router can assign a fixed address or lock the one it assigns.

Get this working first, before you start trying to fix the IP address in the BBB.

— Graham

Graham thanks man!! This problem has been solved. Very much appreciated.