Can't find connman directory

When I do:

nano /var/lib/connman/wifi.config
```[service_home] Type = wifi Name = YOUR NETWORK NAME HERE Passphrase = YOUR ENCRYPTED PASSPHRASE HERE`

I recieve this error message:

[ Error writing /var/lib/connman/wifi.config: No such file or directory ]

So, when I go to

cd /var/lib/

Everything is ok

but there is no connman directory

cd /var/lib/connman

-bash: cd: /var/lib/connman: No such file or directory

I installed the .deb file of connman, I don’t know if this should work but it doesn’t for me, hehe


Thank you Alfredo!!

'find' can do it all:-

    find / -name conman

It'll take a fair old time to do it though.

Hi all. I’ve been having the same problem. I ran the find command on my beaglebone but it seems that the connman directory doesn’t even exist on my system. I was wondering how to set up the connman directory?