Can't ping on BBB even though IP address assigned


I messed something up where I can’t ping the PC I plug into from BBB (or vice-versa). This was working a few days ago. The PC does get an IP address from dhcpd and everything is happy but when I ping the BBB (i.e. ping it says network is unreachable. I was playing around with network settings but I am pretty sure I got them back to the original. Something more basic is off because when I removed the Ubuntu sd card and boot off the stock Angstrom, it does the exact same thing. The only thing I can think off is that when I was booting the BBB and was logged via serial I accidentally interrupted Uboot when I thought I was typing in another window. When I realized what I did I just powered cycled. Could I have down something to Uboot to deactivate the network? Its weird that the udhcpd works and assigns IP but cannot ping either way in both Ubuntu and Angstrom. How do I check Uboot (is it through print env and look at the parameters?) Thanks