Can't run Cloud9 IDE service on BBB


Connection time out while trying to access Cloud9 IDE service on BBB from host Ubuntu.
According to the “Explore BeagleBone” book, this address should work:

But it doesn’t.

Thanks in advance.

Also does not work with
It works with beaglebone.local:3000. addresses are used when connected through the
usb interface..

How are you connected to the board?


Currently I’m connected in two ways: serial and by Ethernet cable (ssh)

Well there you go..

I bet if you dig into "Explore BeagleBone" they have a footnote about
those interfaces being used over usb..


Ok, I also found it here:

So, the only way to access local server (with serial or Ethernet connection) is using beaglebone.local ?

No, you can also use the "ip" your dhcp server gives it.. But that's
dependent on your network.


No, you can also use the “ip” your dhcp server gives it.
How to check such address ?

Normally, you would log into the device on your network that gives out
ip address's.

Is this 'your' network, or a University or Corporate network?


No, home network.
When I execute ifconfig on BBB, it returns for eth0.
Is it “right” IP ?

That would be correct.

On your home network, you should have a firewall/WiFi/dhcp server that
was provided by your network provider, if you log into thait you
should be able to see every device connected in your home network..


Actually BBB is isn’t connected to modem, but to the host (Ubuntu machine).
Several months ago I did some kind of Ethernet bridge for other card … but I forgot how I did it.
Certainly this bridge works well with BBB because I could update/upgrade.

I tried with and it’s Ok.
Thanks !!!