cant see beaglebone on network

I have just received my beaglebone. I downloaded the most recent demo
image and successfully applied it. However, I have not been able to
connect to the beaglebone through my network. Additionally, I don't
see the board in my router logs.
This is with ethernet plugged in and the board powered through an
external adapter.

I am also unable to connect to the board through USB in Ubuntu
through /dev/ttyUSBxx. I have tried searching for it using dmesg and
cant identify an FTDI device. Any ideas?

Yes. That has been discussed here, You need to remove R219 from the board or if you do a reboot from the command prompt after booting, it will work. We are trying to come up with a SW fix for this but we are still trying to figure out what exactly is going on…


Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious here but if it works every other reboot, then it sounds like something is changing at boot up and being stored within the OS, therefore it’s gotta be something on the SD Card and not on the board itself.

Is there a toggle that is being set on boot up for the Network port?

Again, not trying to state the obvious but just trying to help.

We are not exactly sure. What you say makes sense. I am just waiting for the SW guys to come up with something! I have a message into SMSC to try and understand what the resistor option change is doing as well. It is not supposed to create this issue, but I need an answer from them.It seems to me something in the SW does does not like it, but looking at all the register settings, they appear to be the same with and without the resistor.