Can't Seem to Find Pin Map Spreadsheet Referenced in BeagleBoard X15 System Reference Manual

I’m trying to learn how to do DT manipulations/configuration for the BeagleBoard-X15/572XEVM to configure GPIO pins on the expansion headers and to connect other peripherals on the 5728.

P. 84-85 of the BeagleBoard X15 SRM (from github) mentions that a sortable Pin Map spreadsheet can be found on the X15 Support Wiki, but I cannot seem to find this spreadsheet on or by the googling I’ve done.

Is this spreadsheet needed/useful?
If so, where can it be found?
If not, where else does the information live?

Also, could you please either update the documentation and/or upload the spreadsheet, accordingly?


It has not yet been released. It needs work but it is basically what is found in the AM5728 data sheet.

Will it ever be released? Sorry to necro post but I’m getting serious about developing with this board for an instrument I’m designing and reference material and documentation promised would be… it’d be nice to have…