Cant seem to SSH in


I just got a BBB today and I’m having a quick play around with it. I haven’t updated it or anything yet. So i’m using win7 and i’ve installed the drivers and hooked it into the USB and I can access the page.

Problem is I can’t seem to SSH into the device using putty. it just dies straight away. When it telnet to on port 22 I can see the port is open.

Also when I try use the gateone ssh client on it says firefox isnt redirecting properly. I have tried setting the date first, all though nothing seems to happen when I click the set date button. I also typed in the IP of the device into the top of the webpage where it says you can interact with it.

Lastly I’ve turned off windows firewall to see if that would allow SSH but still no luck.

Any suggestions on what I should try ?

thanks :slight_smile:

Check here: