Can't SSH to the bone

I’ve connected the Beaglebone Black via USB cable. I’m using Windows7 and I’ve installed the USB driver. I can get the 101 page via a web browser, but I cannot connect to the beaglebone over SSH.

If I try to connect via SSH using putty, I get; client unexpectedly closed the connection.
If I try to connect via serial COM7 9600 it just hangs
If I try to connect using Gate One SSH in a web browser I get; Connection closed by remote host.

The bone doesn’t like me. Please help.


This might be your issue. It was with mine.

Also Make sure you update the clock… SSH likes to verify things with time and dates… like the ssl certificates

I couldn’t get SSH to work either, but I know that for serial you need the baud rate to be 115200 (instead of 9600). You also need to press enter after the terminal opens to re-load the login screen.