Can't ssh with Chipsee images

Hi all,

I was given a BBB and a Chipsee 7" to work with.

With the provided images (Angstrom, Debian and EZSDK) they boot and run and work fine, but with none of them I can ssh through USB into them.

I’ve worked on the same BBB but with other LCD cape (4d systems’ 4D-CAPE70T) that runs on original angstrom that comes with the board, and ssh was no problem, I was able to implement a Qt environment, remote deploy and everything, but not with the images provided by Chipsee.

What am I missing? Is ssh enabled? I’ve seen dropbear stuff on the images but can’t tell if it is enabled, running or if it is supposed to run. What should I look into?

ssh over USB isn't a hardware thing, it's a software setting by
loading g_multi on startup.

For the offical images, you can see how this is loaded on bootup here:

Note, it's more then just loading g_multi as udcpd or dnsmasq is used
behind the scene to set the eth ip address.


btw, the chipsee cape should be mostly supported in the newer "jessie" image:



For /boot/uEnv.txt (dtb changes)
and /etc/X11/xorg.conf change..