Can't turn off / reboot

If I use this in the BBB using a microsd, I can’t turn it off or reboot (from UI or SSH). Why? (there is no debian in the internal mmc)


It's just a permission problem with systemd and a new feature enabled
in that image. (USB serial gadget driver enabled over the usb

However systemd is not allowing you to reboot/halt

To fix:

sudo rm /etc/systemd/system/

and hard reboot it..

It'll then work as expected.

I'm waiting for a response from systemd experts on what we can do.


Thanks Robert, is this related with the hanging daemon too (the one related with the UI becoming unresponsive?, I don’t remember the exact name -starts with w- but sometimes a msgbox pops with this warning)

Yeah, it would "start" the shutdown process, so things like wicd-*
would get half shutdown, before systemd decides, no we can't actually

So just remove that file for the time being, it'll be exactly like the
previous beta's