Cape for connecting Aptina MT9P031

I would like to connect an Aptina MT9P031 to a beagleboard black. This would be straightforward for the BB-Xm, which has a leopard imaging camera port, but I haven’t seen any mention of a camera port for the other beagle models or as a cape for those models. I don’t need to necessarily use the Leopardimaging port standard. Is their a cape that implements the camera port?

AM3358 has no camera port. Check the camera capes.


If you mean a BeagleBone Black (BBB), there are capes from Circuitco and Radiumboards that use an IC made by QuickLogic to transfer 8-bit parallel data from an Aptina camera to GPIO pins. I looked into modifying these to work with the Aptina MT9M001, which produces 10-bit data, thinking that perhaps thus could be done just by making a different sensor board for the cape. There do not, however, seem to be enough data lines available, and, since the MT9P031 produces 12-bit parallel data, it is even less likely that it could be made to work with the camera capes.

Look up Chris Clark’s award-winning Interacto cape design (hardware and software details on GitHub), in which he transfers parallel data from a Toshiba camera (basically the same interface used by Aptina) directly to the BBB processor through one of the 200 MHz PRU deterministic processors incorporated in the Sitara chip. CircuitCo has recently introduced a PRU cape, which is actually a demo board for some of the neater tricks one can do with the PRU and would probably not be needed to interface a camera to the BBB. The existence of the PRU cape does, however, suggest that the Beagle/CircuitCo/TI folks, who previously weren’t supporting the PRU, have come to realize that it is a unique and useful subsystem.

-Howard Shapiro