Cape PCB outline in DXF, anyone?

I am thinking somewhere out there there is someone who has a nice 2D CAD drawing of what a Cape PCB should look like…

I’m looking for a file to import to my PCB layout S/W. Board outline, connector and hole positions would be really nice :slight_smile:

Anyone willing to export a DXF for this purpose? (I’m pretty sure there are many that would benefit from it being available!!)


A cape is supposed to look like whatever you like. But importing the BBB PCB should cover it. Will that work?

There are 3D models as well.


If you’re using Eagle, then this might be what you need:


Thanks, but if I was using Eagle I would hope I would already have found these files…

And Gerald, of course the cape can look like whatever. But an outline of the BBB with the holes, 46 pin connectors and the Eth + power
would be very helpful to anyone starting of a cape design in a system supporting DXF import, which many do.

I did however find the SolidWorks 3D model helpful, and I have created a DXF file based on that.

It is enclosed in case anyone wants it…