Cape Template License

I am looking to design, manufacture, and sell a Cape. I am looking for a template board (Eagle preferably) that I can modify for this purpose. There are files hosted on elinux which would do the trick, but I am unsure what license they are under; perhaps the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License noted on the bottom of the page? The README in the linked zip file doesn’t mention a license.


You will need to contact the owner if in doubt. But if the license is on the bottom of the page, you should be covered…



He's asking about the license of the schematics for the proto cape,
which I believe is a CircuitCo creation.

As I said, as long as the license is on the age, it is covered.
And as I said, if in doubt, ask the owner. I assume that would be CircuitCo in this case based on your statement.



Just go ahead and productize your cape. Many have done so before you
so I don't believe there are any hardware licensing issues.

What kind of cape did you want to build? unless you are going to simply replicate the protocape you reference it’s likely easier to simply start with the adafruit and/or sparkfun eagle library and simple use the parts you need, one of which IS the cape itself, already pre-layed-out and done for you. the licences for those libraries are known to be free and clear of restrictions on use and production.


For reference:

Thank you all! The libraries don’t have the cape footprints in them (I don’t think), but I’ll go ahead and sue the layout from the wiki.

Thanks again,