Cape Wish List.

Is there a current list of capes that we can expect to see rather soon? I can think of a number of capes I'd like to see (mostly same type as what the arduino shields do...

- sensor hub cape with a number of screw terminals.
- standard Prototyping cape
- I've heard about different display capes

Also, will these capes be stack enabled???

Anyone can make a cape. We will not be making all the capes oursleves.

We have a prototype cape in the works.
We have a DVI display version in the works.
We have a LCD in the works.

Up to four capes can be stacked.


Is there a current list of capes that we can expect to see rather soon? I
can think of a number of capes I'd like to see (mostly same type as what the
arduino shields do...

- sensor hub cape with a number of screw terminals.

I have in the pipeline a breakout board with headers for serial interfaces.

- standard Prototyping cape

I have an almost finished design for a proto board cap. The only thing
that is holding me is the location of connectors. I made a sketch of
the BeagleBone component for KiCad based on released photographs, but
I wouldn't use it for designing actual boards until I will be able to
verify the connector locations based on BragleBone gerbers.

I will release the component and design files for the caps once they
will be ready.


Gerber files are close to being released. By Monday!




We can hardly wait!
It would be even quter to have the places in real numbers as well!
Not a big task to measure the corner pin center from a well defined
reference point,


I would like to add:

  1. A 24-bit 192 kS/s quality audio ADC with microphone preamplifier.
  2. A 24-bit 192 kS/s quality audio DAC.
  3. A HDMI and DisplayPort interface board.
  4. A compass, 6-axis acceleration sensor, GPS/GALILEO/GLONAS, and multipoint temperature sensor board.
  5. An IEEE 802.11na 2.4/5 GHz dual band 3x3 MIMO (Atheros) WLAN board.
  6. A software radio receiver board.

Thinking of some more,

For 5) you're limited to the available IO, I suspect 450Mbit/s will be a bit much. Maybe GPMC pins are available, but I fear you're stuck with SPI for wifi. Gerald just published the schematics, so it should be easy enough to crosscheck the pins with the pinmux tool.



Please let us know when you will have these boards available!


These were my additions to the wish list. I am very willing to join forces on any of these.
I basically have a tested, fully functional item 1 for the original Beagleboard.
I plan to modify it for the Beaglebone. I can start the project by December 1, 2011.
Should be quite fast, about one week work. Parallel to this expensive, special
board I also have plan for a low-power, low-cost, decent quoalty (100 dB dynamics and THD)
version with normal line level outputs. Ideas on that are welcome.

For item 2 I have an untested Beagleboard add-on card. It has the best AKM converter and
a microphone preamplifier with phantom voltage generator and switch to select gain.
Now ready to be tested. Premium components, pricy. After being tested I may consider
designing a version for the Beaglebone…

For item 3 I have the untested Beagleboard card with four (4) HDMI inputs.

Items 4 - 6 are currently in the very early idea phase only.
But if somebody wants to develope them, I am willing to help.

For cooperation proposals email me directly:

Hi All,

I am very interested in working on a positioning sensor cape. I was

1. 3 Axis Accel (perhaps using MPU-6000/50)
2. 3 Axis Gyro (perhaps using MPU-6000/50)
3. Magnetometer (perhaps something like the HMC5883L)
4. Pressure Sensor (perhaps using BMP085)
4. Maybe GPS? Antenna layouts scare me though.

Gerald, Jason, Seppo and Koen,

Has anyone expressed interest in starting anything similar to this
yet? Are there any other sensors that would be a "great" fit?



You can take some experience (and open hardware schematics) from here:

The seonsors work not only for an Openmoko but also when being connected
to a BeagleBoard.

There are already some Linux kernel drivers available. Please
contact Christoph for details.


Hi Colin & Co.,

I just have been collecting data on the available silicon. These are my findings so far:

  1. 3-axis Electronic Compass Asahi-Kasei AK8973
    Honeywell HMC5883L
  2. Humidity and Temperature Sensor Sensirion SHT25
    Temperature Sensor TI (B-B) TMP175
  3. Barometric Preassure Sensor Epcos ASB1200V1
    ST LPS001WP
  4. Motion Sensor InvenSense MPU-60x0
    Freescale MMA8450Q
  5. GPS/Galileo/Glonass/QZSS receiver ST STA8088EX
  6. Gyroscope ADI ADIS16250
  7. Hybrid Motion Sensor Aichi AM1601

This is all very preliminary and I havn’t even checked prices and
availability lately. Also something more interesting may have
appeared since I studied this topic lightly.

Some other type sensors might also be of interest, so let me know.

For antennas I would just have a connector for a proven product.

But I am very willing to participate starting December 1, 2011.


Hi All,

I am very interested in working on a positioning sensor cape. I was

1. 3 Axis Accel (perhaps using MPU-6000/50)


2. 3 Axis Gyro (perhaps using MPU-6000/50)


Thanks Nikolaus! It is always nice to have a jumping off point.


Thanks for the list of sensors. I hadn't seen a couple of those...
and some of them I couldn't find using digikey/mouser.

I'm going to wait until Gerald posts the SRD before I put a whole lot
more thought into this.

Have a nice weekend.



Thanks for your suggestions. Can you provide some reasons for choosing
the itg3200 and bma180 over the mpu6000? I really like the single
package and the motions processor functionality that the mpu6000
offers. (Also, I have some of the mpu6000 and mpu6050 chips floating
around waiting for a viable project to use them in)

What does the ++ reference? Is that indicate approval?



Hi again Colin,

I guess we really must wait for Gerald’s SRM.
Then we should have a cost sensitive review about
what all is available, how fine it should be and what we
really want to have.

I feel that the size of the Beaglebone should NOT
be a restriction for the capes. Just the locations of
the connectors are important. I also think that it
is quite easy to rise the capes above the Ethernet
connector. I will try to find a good solution for this.

I understand that up to four (4) capes can be stacked.
Maybe some should be with the notch but some could
be without it. Actually it might be an idea to have a riser
board available with just some low-cost useful chips on
it. I welcome all ideas for it. LEDs, jumper banks, extra
connectors, back-up batteries, …

Good night and a productive beginning week,

Boards larger than the out line of the BeagleBone are acceptable. Other wise an LCD would have to be awful small.

Wait for the SRM.


2011/11/6 Seppo Nikkilä <>

Another useful development tool that comes to my mind is a
"motherboard" for BeagleBone and capes. The motherboard could host a
voltage regulator, so it could be powered from wider range of power
supplies than the BB itself, a set of connectors for useful
interfaces, like spi, i2c, serial, analog inputs etc, an interface for
a text lcd, wifi/bt interface, and whatever else the community finds
Since text lcds probably will be used with the board quite often the
interface well standardized, I think it would be good to include in
the SRM a proposal for wiring such displays. This would also allow for
creating a standard text lcd library.


Great idea! We have one of those in the works although we can only do so many of these at the same time, so it is a little ways down the list, but not too far.