Capes and Other Ideas


I was sifting through some older items from when I was learning more than not. Anyhow, the build I found had to do w/ the Motor Cape. I know the Motor Cape has the L298 functionality on it * 2.

Are there going to be any other “motor” styled Capes or is that one the only “motor” Cape will come out w/ currently?

I have two of them and I wanted to utilize them to make some posts about it, them, and the board(s)…

Anyway, at the time of building the software for the Capes, which I received numerous ideas and extensive help on (you know who you are currently), I was using the lib. Adafruit_BBIO.

Since then, I have learned some more and wanted to try w/ other source outside of that particular lib.


P.S. I noticed that the Motor Cape is not in the spec. for handling pwm/gpio peripherals and have it accessible via a .dtbo file or hardcoded into u-boot. Is this going to be an always thing or is it allowed to be learned and pitching-in-on type thing too?


This is not so much of a big deal for me. I learned how to handle the L298 build outside of the Cape. It is just so convenient and…

  1. I would like more motor styled Capes.
  2. Is it possible to use vehicle type chips for utilizing motor control via a Cape?
  3. And if possible, would the people recognize a Cape of sorts w/ vehicle chips?

The reason I ask is that I wanted to contribute to the cause of Open Source and has been there helping me along w/ plenty of other people that could further get a foothold on programming, Open Source, and technology.

I was using the LM358 along w/ a UC2637. Although a bit odd, it was nifty to me. I wanted to rehash it and see if an organization like this one could find any use cases for chips like these chips that are of course welcomed by the majority…


Here is small sample from TI docs. from the datasheet of the UC2637 but it shows a L298 instead of the LM358. The LM358 is a bit more complicated but just as useful.


P.S. Oh! The photo…

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