Car Infotainment System

As of now system which is available has features through which it can
be connected to a PC /Laptop or Palm PDA devices through a Software
solution. But it is tedious way to analyze the car performance.
I want to develop an embedded solution which is user friendly with LCD
The data from the sensors of the vehicle is connected to MCU of the
automobile which are in turn sent to OBDII port for diagnostic of it.
The OBDII port will be connected to ELM327 chip via serial to the
Beagle Board.
I will use web connectivity to upload the data to the server. The data
uploaded will be put on the website and every car owner will be
facilitated with a separate account for their vehicle.
For web connectivity we use pre-existing WiFi connection. The data
from the device is send to a web server where the data can be
visualized and browsed.
The sensor data which gives out parameters such as MPG, SPEED and best
part the DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Code) which tells the driver and
mechanic about the EMISSION RELATED ERROR.

So any suggestion, looking for mentor in GSoC.
The project will involve writing the driver for ELM327 device,
developing a interface for the user and interfacing a wifi device.