Cast Screen in BeagleBone Black

Hello everyone,

I am working on BBB. I am using Debian Wheezy image “bone-debian-7.8-lxde-4gb-armhf-2015-03-01-4gb.img” in BBB. The purpose of using BBB is that I want to cast my android mobile screen on HDMI display of BBB using Wi-Fi. I found that Miracast protocol is suitable for this.

Now my query is:

Is it feasible to cast android mobile screen with BBB? If yes, then can you please tell me how to use the miracast in BBB?

I am open for any other suggestions.

Any help in this case will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Is there any update regarding above post??

Well a google search shows:

let us know how it works for you..


I’m no expert, but my tests of Miracast between an Android phone (LG Volt) and a clone Google TV HDMI dongle had performance so poor that i couldn’t possibly see any use for it.

My experience suggests the HDMI on the BBB is generally much inferior to the HDMI on the Google TV dongle.

Google Miracast, I believe one of the original implementers of it has come out and said its crap and shouldn’t be used.

Thanks for your replay @ Robert, Wally