CAUTION!!! GigaWare Ultra-Compact USB hub.

Hello all,

A word of caution to anyone with a GigaWare ultra-compact usb hub mod. # 26-424. Do not connect to BeagleBoards if it is being powered from barrel connector.

I found them at the shack on sale for $6 and thought they would be good to use with the BBB because of their size.

Well it turns out that if you have the barrel connector plugged into the hub it feeds 5V to the micro usb port, causing 5V to be fed into BBB usb host port.

Now it did not damage my board but the board refused to recognise any usb device that was attached to the hub or straight to the usb host port.

I had to reboot my BBB for the usb host to work again.

I found that if you absolutely have to use that hub, you can remove LB2 (located next to micro usb connector) and it works but you can no longer power hub over usb.
I have attached a pic of it installed and one with it removed. Just in case anyone needs to know where it is located.