CCS Debugging Questions


I do not known the TI Code Composer Studio, but try to gather some
information on it. Can I do Linux Kernel Level Debugging in CCS via
Blackhawk/Spectrum Digital JTAG Emulator or do I need an JTAG/BDM tool
like the BDI 3000 from Abatron?

Are there any support for Linux in the CCS? Or is it only for DSP


My understanding is that you need GDB to do the Kernal debugging, CCS
via JTAG has no awareness of the operating system. I think it is maily
designed for low level DSP debuging.


also also got this answer from the TI guys here in Germany. They suggest
the to use an other emulator for Kernel level stuff and gdbserver for


According to: the
new CCSv4 can do Linux aware debugging. I haven't tried it, but I think it's
worth giving a try in case you already have a Blackhawk or Spectrum Digital

You can get CCSv4 Beta3 from:

Best regards - Good luck - Please let us know of your results in case you
give it a try :slight_smile: