CCS Target Configuration File for BeagleBoard X15...

Hi - I’m working to get an XDS200 JTAG Emulator working with CCSv7 and my BeagleBoard X15 but I’m getting a data verification error when I try to con

CortexA15_0: File Loader: Verification failed: Values at address 0x00000000 do not match Please verify target memory and memory map.
CortexA15_0: GEL: File: /home/dmurphy/ti/pdk_am57xx_1_0_10/packages/MyExampleProjects/UART_BasicExample_evmAM572x_m4ExampleProject/Debug/UART_BasicExample_evmAM572x_m4ExampleProject.out: a data verification error occurred, file load failed.

CortexA15_0: Unable to terminate memory download: NULL buffer pointer at 0x3aa4 (Emulation package

I know there can be many causes behind this error so before I start digging too deep - I’m trying to verify the correct target configuration for an X15 board.

As I see it, in CCSv7, I have four potential candidates when it comes to selecting a board or device when creating a new target configuration:

  • AM5728
  • AM5728_RevA
  • GPEVM_AM572X
  • GPEVM_AM572X_SiRevA
    Right now, I’m assuming AM5728 should be chosen for the target configuration file.

Has anyone used CCS with an X15 that may be able to confirm this?



Could you debug BBX15 with Code Compose Studio? I'm getting block memory access error when selecting AM572X configuration files