CCSV5 configuring gdb stuck

I following the help
When I click the "bug" icon to start the debugger,
In the progress tab of CCS I see Launching: Configuring GDB
and the the system remains stuck in this point.
Also the stop button doesn't work. I must quit CCS5.
Any suggest?
Best regards
Paolo Preioni

Maybe the network connection to the remote gdb is not working? Can you
communicate with the board over ethernet otherwise?


Yes, the ethernet connection works because I can navigate on internet and the Remote System Explorer works right: on my virtual machine with Ubuntu and CCSv5 I see my target; if I copy the file matrix_tui, it work right.
But when I press the “bug” button, the CCSv5 is stuck at 86%; the stop button doesn’t work.
Paolo Preioni

Hi paolopreioni, I’m having the same issue with CCS v5.1.1.00033 and TI SDK AM335x v05.04.00.00. Did you resolve your issue? Could you share resolution? Thanks.