CE-ATA Hard Disk Support

Correct me if I'm wrong but the OMAP 35x MCC/SD/SDIO controller
supports the new hard drive CE-ATA standard.

CE-ATA is a standard for small hard drives targeted to portable
consumer electronics.

Although many embedded devices use flash storage it would be fantastic
to attach a hard disk so that its possible to run complex database's
without worring about wearing out flash devices.

electronics needed so have you considered adding support for a CE-ATA
hard disk on the beagleboard?

I beleive the wider Linux community are already working on CE-ATA

Yes I could connect a USB hard drive however they are physically much
larger in size which is no good for a portable device.


As far as My understanding goes there is no additional electronics needed to support CE/ATA on a MMC/SD card slot.

We have CE/ATA working on OMAP3530 EVM, same thing should work on Beagle as well. I have not validated it, but definitely would like to give a try.


I believe that CE/ATA is an 8-bit standard, as opposed to typical SD,
which is 4-bit. We do have 8-bit support and our connector provides
all 8-bits, though you'd need to create an adapter to go to a CE-ATA
connection. MMC has an 1/4/8-bit modes (MMC+), which is what we
support with the connector.

I found this summary interesting: http://www.freelabs.com/~whitis/sd_card/

Once you have got a CE-ATA HD working on the beagle can you please let
us know how you did it i.e
     Interconnecting cables
     Linux drivers
     Tested HD make & model