Cellular Modem for Beaglebone Wireless?

Hi, folks,

What’s the best way to get cellular connectivity on a BeagleBone Wireless Black/Green/Blue/Magenta/etc nowadays?

All the capes seem pretty outdated, and cellular modems are probably going to bang the USB power system pretty hard.

Any suggestions?


I’ve used the CLICK modules.


Then chose W Click Boards from the menu and under Wireless Connectivity there are all sorts of options.


Take a look at Nimbelink:


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NB-IoT is sadly not in scope because the carriers still have full cranio-rectal impaction.

I have had several cases where fleets of NB-IoT devices simply went dead because the carrier did an upgrade. If you don’t have a way to do out of band firmware upgrades, the carriers will hose you at some point.

That’s why I’m looking for a bog-standard cellular modem that uses the same infrastructure as normal phones.

I think you can buy the adapter and modem separate from Nimbelink, so you can then use whatever modem (LTE Cat4, etc) you want.


I’ve had great experiences with Nimbelink. If you are in the US, their modems are end-device certified on Verizon and other networks. Currently using the Nimbelink Quectel Cat-M BG96 module on Verizon. I think the BG96 is no longer available, so they recommend the BG95 version as a replacement.

The BG96 has performed very well, is reliable, and seems to work well on VZ networks. I’ve not run into any issues that required modem FW upgrades like I did with the u-blox Cat-M modem.

I’ve also been working on modem management software:

(currently BG96, but should be adaptable to other modems)

This is used on several projects and will be integrated into the simpleiot binary releases soon.