[Centroid Acorn CNC] firmware not flashed to beaglebone green

the procedure that I followed is form Centroidcnc: (called debricking procedure)
I formatted micro SD card using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, V2.2.3
insert newly formated card (Centroid specifies HP format Utility) then copy files APP and MLO to card
hold user button down when applying power (with micro usb cable)
a 4 light sequence should occur letting the user know that the firmware has been flashed
my results are a solid blue light without the flash sequence or blinking heartbeat light
is there any references or knowledge in the beagleboard community with some insight into this issue?
any help appreciated, Pat

Hi @pat7647 this looks like a custom build, you may want to check out their forum:



Hello Robert,
Yes, this is a custom build by Centroidcnc, the Centroid forum is a valuable resource. (gathering reference information)
For a Beaglebone Green (BBG) that needs to be flashed. From reading current posts, I find nothing beyond doing the debricker procedure.

Honestly, Centroid has been a big disappointment when trying to get to the root of this issue.
Might even be intentional. The issue started June 3, with an email to Centoidcnc with the title “for Acorn Rev2, no power” along with details.

The BeagleBoard forum may get to the root of the issue more quickly.

That is my thoughts, Pat

Hi @pat7647 looking at Acorn CNC controller quick start video page i’m not sure what else to add. I don’t know that company, or what they do… It looks like they provide an MLO and APP files… So on startup, the BBG, will load the MLO file off the microSD, as long as the boot button is pressed…

But what’s next?. Those directions are missing other details, like where is the payload??? MLO/APP are too small to really do anything, other then bootup into some simple shell or APP…

So yeah, sadly, best to ask them. From a quick glance, i see nothing obvious…


Hi Robert,
Thank you for responding to my email. Fortunately, the beaglebone green card flashed the firmware when I made a few changes. I think what really made the difference was using a different power source. After that the card did the sequence of lights that indicated a successful flash of the card.

The description you added is correct. Knowing that this is indeed how it works is helpful.

Sincerely, Pat

attached is a picture of the BBG mounted in the Centriodcnc acorn board


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