change image file

" - latest-images " I want to make a change to the previously created image files. Is this possible? örnek veriyorum Adafruit BBIO kütüphanesinin image dosyası ile birlikte beaglebone a yüklenmesini istiyorum. Got an idea or guide for this?

hi @zmrkrzoa those images are generated by:

which “image” do you want to modify?


hi @RobertCNelson
i want to modify debian image. at least debian10.x version. I want to add python 3.10. and I want to add some libraries.
I need to add some pin configurations. For example can,uart etc.
I will use beaglebone black industrial.

my aim is to be able to upload all the settings in a beaglebone to other beaglebones with a single image file.
Can I do it by following the steps under this heading “Using BBB to Build”?