Change Keyboard Layout Command Line Angstrom

Hello guys,

I’m using a Beaglebone BLACK (with the ordniary Angstrom distribution) and I want to change the keyboard layout to german in the command line (NOT the terminal!!).

so i installed “setxkbmap” as i read in a previous topic. now that i enter “setxkbmap -layout de” i just get this response: “cannot open display “default display””…
I realized that setxkbmap only works in a X11-server-terminal (GUI-Terminal :stuck_out_tongue: )

Since i only use the command line (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and i have a german keyboard, i really need to change the layout.

Can anybody tell me, how to change the keyboard layout? is there a file, where the layout is specified? any command?

i really hope anyone can help me!