Change start up logo in debian for beaglebone

Hi everyone,

i wonder if is possible to change startup logo in beaglebone black: it’s the penguin on the top left part of the screen.

Alternatively is possible to remove the logo?

Thanks everyone !!

Just rebuild and remove:


Thank you Robert,

i followed correctly all build instructions in

until following steps:

Remove microSD/SD card:


sudo umount /media/boot

sudo umount /media/rootf

but then putting sd in beaglebone black and powering it on i have no output on the LCD 7 screen (i’d expect the login console).

Some additional steps required ?

I build custom splash screens into my kernel for my projects. Here is the information that you need:

  1. The framebuffer penguin logo in the corner represents the number of processors detected. One penguin logo means one processor. That is the original intended purpose of the logo. This same technique will work with other Linux platforms, but you’ll see multiple splash screens on multicore platforms.

  2. The logo can be stored in 4-bit (16 color) or pseudo 8-bit (224 color) formats.

  3. The logo for the 224-color image is stored in the kernel source at drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_clut224.ppm

  4. The logo is positioned in the upper-left corner. Replacing that logo with another logo still results in the new logo being positioned in the upper-left corner.

  5. The logo can have a max width of 1280 pixels. If it is wider than that, nothing will show up.

To create a .ppm suitable as a splash, I start with a 256-color PNG. Once I have one that I like, I convert it using the following command:

$ pngtopnm [IMAGE.PNG] | ppmquant -fs 223 | pnmtoplainpnm > [KERNEL_ROOT]/drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_clut224.ppm

Make sure that you backup the original penguin logo (original logo_linux_clut224.ppm file), as this command will replace it with your new one.

Once you have the new .ppm file in place within the kernel tree, rebuild the kernel. The logo image is compiled into the kernel itself. Copy your new kernel into place on the boot partition of your microSD, point the uEnv.txt to it if you have a new name for your kernel, and away you go.


Thank you very much Andrew … i have succesfully done it !!

Thank you Andrew,

Would you please help me rebuilding the kernel, maybe some links or explaining steps here :wink:



I’m trying to follow your instructions, but in:


There is no logo folder.

How can I find the location of the logo?

Contents of kernel/drivers:

atm bluetooth char gpu hsi i2c input md mfd mmc net power pwm rpmsg scsi staging thermal uio uwb virtio watchdog

block cdrom gpio hid hwmon iio leds media misc mtd nfc pps remoteproc rtc spi target tty usb video w1

it is not in your system you should found this file is in your kernel file before compile your bb-kernel
download a bb-kernel and cd to bb-kernel
or just try this in that directory you downloaded bb-kernel:

cd bb-kernel/KERNEL/drivers/video/logo/

first cd bb-kernel or any kernel you download it and then run this ./tools/ too rebuild