Changing booting console from RS232 to USB or Ethernet

Hi. I want to use the RS232 port to connect an external digital
device which is passing data to BB to use. I cannot find any info on
changing the boot console off the ttys port. I do not want to use the
UART2 port2 as this requires additional hardware. Using a USB to Eth
for console would solve my problem. Any advice appreciated. Graham.

I don't believe you should consider using the console port for such a
thing until you have given a serious consideration of what you need to
do first.

The console port is called that for a good reason, without it you will
have difficulties with changing things etc. If all you need is a
serial port just get a USB to RS232 device. Granted it costs money
and if you don't have any that makes things challenging. However I
myself have found that 'leave the console port' alone is the best
policy. As all sorts of strange things can happen while configuring an
LCD for example (IE you can't see anything and... oh wait you have no
console, how do you fix it?) If things go wrong or very wrong with
your program or configuration the console is the way to fix it. Don't
make the mistake of painting yourself into a corner to save some
money. putting together a second serial port interface sounds to me
what you are trying to avoid doing. My suggestion is to use a USB
serial device and have a USB hub handy for all the toys that need to
stick into beagle board.

Duh sorry brain is tired (hits head on keyboard)

You can put a console on ANY serial port look at the linux
configuration information for LOGIN. You can also do so using telnet.
In particular that are initialization files in /etc

Oh yes this should be very helpful :smiley:

If you just want to use the port for serial data you need to
understand how serial IO works under Unix first. There are numerous

If you wish to mangle the boot console, read my first reply and
realize this is not a good idea. It doesn't make any sense to do this
either. Even if you have space issues this doesn't make sense. It is
just too easy to make a mistake and not be able to fix it without
having to go through heroic efforts. The boot console is special,
unless you wish to rewrite the boot loarder, don't try this at home. I
believe someone has done this but again you should think about what
are you trying to do, and what is the most affective means to get
there. The Linux console is easy to put anywhere (it's not a good idea
to make root accessible via telnet however). The boot consoles is NOT
part of Linux.

That being seed Uboot is it's name and I believe THIS is what you are
looking for

Hi Cyberman.
Thanks. In view of your comments which is very valued I will take your
suggestion and do USB to RS232.