Changing Kernel back to 3.2 for Angstrom - Steps


I am trying to find out how to build the Rowboat 3.2 Kernel and apply it over the latest Angstrom build in the hope to get to a working OS which works for LCD Capes, such as the LCD4, LCD7, 4DCAPE-43T and 4DCAPE-70T

I have been told that going back to a stable 3.2 kernel may result in a more favourable outcome, as current the touch issues present on the 3.8 Kernel almost render the capes useless.

I have been emailing Robert Nelson. Thanks very much for your help.
Just need some help to ensure I am doing it correctly, and also how I go about getting the built kernel onto the BBB as I have never done that.

So to start with, I am going to try and use the 2014-01-03 Distribution:

I have just installed VM Player on my PC and have Ubuntu 13.10 installed.
I am following the instructions from here:
and here:

Robert said to do the following bits instead:

git clone git://
cd kernel/
git checkout rowboat-am335x-kernel-3.2 -b tmp

make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${CC} am335x_evm_android_defconfig
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=${CC} zImage modules

I am still working on that, but after this is complete, I am not sure what the easiest method is to get it on the BBB or if there is anything else I need to do?

I wanted to start this so others could also follow if they wanted to, as I am sure I wont be the only one who has little experience with this


git clone git://
Seems to be taking a stupid amount of time to do. Currently getting 180kb/s and has now had fatal cutouts after 600 or so mb.
Just tried it via windows and it was downloading around 800kb/s, which is still kinda slow but finished fine. I have a 100Mb/s connection. Not sure whats going on.

OK done the steps above and from what I can tell, they succeeded.

It didnt like: git checkout rowboat-am335x-kernel-3.2 -b tmp

and google suggested that I needed to break it into two, so I did: git checkout rowboat-am335x-kernel-3.2 && git checkout -b tmp

However not sure that is the same thing. Anyway, continued with that.

Now I am dont but unsure how to get the Kernel on the BBB.

Any help would be appreciated. I have found a number of tutorials which have various methods such as TFTP and some have something about a rootfs (Root File System?), but none of them are explained as to what they are actually doing or why they are doing it, so I cant really figure out what is the correct method for this.

Do I have to do something with rootfs in order to flash just the kernel to the BBB, and leave the distribution as is?