Changing ttyOx to ttySx

I have my black running fine, and have got some of the UARTS working and tested as ttyOx (ttyO2 and ttyO4 specifically), thanks to some great resources on the internet.

Is there any way to map these to another device name, specifically ttySx … for example change tty)2 to ttyS12 or something, ditto for other devices?

I’m not a Linux programmer … the reason I want to do this is that it seems that Mono expects serial ports to be called ttyS-something. It will ot see the ports at ttyO-something.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve also asked over on the Mono forum if there is a way to deal with the issue from the other end (make Mono see ttyOx).



Make symbolic links to the devices
cd /dev
ln -s ttyO2 ttyS2
ln -s ttyO4 ttyS4

The libraries you are using must be very old. ttyS* devices
disappeared long time ago.