Chat application for GSoC 2021

Please reply with which chat applications you are willing to use. We have some real issues with the Matrix-to-IRC bridge and we know we want off-line messages, not just visiting a website for the logs (though having web searchable logs still would be ideal).

Ultimately, I will get bridges working, at least to, but, in the meantime, let’s get a functional chat solution.

I need to hear from all the mentors. Ideally, it would be good to hear from most of the potential students as well.

Chat programs you want to use
  • Slack
  • Matrix
  • IRC/irccloud
  • Discord
  • Zulip
  • Mattermost

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It seems Discord is most popular, but only @Stephen_Arnold and @Vedant_Paranjape have replied as mentors.

Can I hear from @HY0 @Michael_Welling @Pratim_Ugale @Iain_Hunter @lorforlinux and @giuliomoro ?

@cwicks , are Abhishek Kumar, Robert Matzke, Arthur Sonzogni and Andrew Henderson registered on the new forum?!?

I’d also like to hear from @RobertCNelson @DrewFustini @yoder and @kgiori as keeping them informed and engaged is a lot of value to the program.


voted, thanks for the heads up!

Voted, I am okay with any one of these.

I have been using discord for my community efforts with pretty decent success.

I know some of the old timers won’t like it but it works well.

Slack works for me as well. Just don’t invent a new chat platform, I am starting to losing track of all of the different ones I have joined.

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OK, - gsocchat now points to a Slack invite. After that, join “#gsoc”.

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