Cheapest LCD that works with Beagle

Can anyone point me to a store that sells the cheapest LCD (> 3 inch) that is known to work with Beagle? I see quite a few LCDs around the $50 mark at places like Sparkfun, but am not sure if they work with the Beagle (for e.g. running an OS like Angstrom or Android.


ALL LCDS out there need an adapter card to work with Beagle. So, you need to find the adapter cards and then go with whatever LCD that card supports.


So, I basically have to look for LCD adapter cards that either has the DVI-D input or can interface an RGB+I2C interface and then go with it. Right?




I tried to search for such interface boards, but don’t seem to find any standard ones.Is there some place I can find them (with price)?

Also, since the LCD controller is built into the OMAP3530 processor, I assume I need not worry about another controller on the breakout (adapter) board. Then, making one such board boils down to the following:

  1. Map all the LCD pins (including I2C) to a more easily connectible connector like DVI-D or HDMI and/or standard header.
  2. Taking care of all voltage conversions from 1.8 (from OMAP) to 3.3/5 (as needed by the LCD).

Since I’ve never done this before, it looks doable (though I need to find the chip that does the level translations and also a way to solder that LCD connector).

Will do more research and get back.

Thanks for your help.


You also need the backlight control and if you plan to use the touchscreen, you will need a controller as well. Do a search on the discussion group. I thik you will find three different possibilites to get a display at different resolutions.

TinCan Tools (In development)
Special Computing
Lunux Instruments (in developmet)



To give you a brief idea. There is a number of types of small LCD/TFT
screens in terms how to control them, specifically:
- RBG interface with HSYNC, VSYNC, ... signals. As OMAP3530 has all
these signals, all you need is a level conversion plus software
- parallel port like interface - data, addresses, WR, RD, ... - plus
display memory onboard. They are meant for simple embedded processors,
like STM32 or LM3S9B90
- serial like SPI interface
- others
- sometimes there is a combinations of the above and the user can
select required option.
The best for BB is first option and there are already solutions out
If you insist you can create your own, it means buid the level
converters (on OMAP side you have 1.8V level, on TFT side usually 3.3V
levels), write the driver,
built the touch controller and write the driver for it.
hope this will help and good luck