Checklist to buy a Beagle board.

Hi All,

I want to buy a beagle board to play around with Linux and also to
learn more about multimedia stuff.

I have never owned any kind of development board before and thus would
like you help to make a checklist of what all peripherals I might want
to buy/ arrange :slight_smile: to get going.

As I understand the basic package has just the board.
I suppose i would need a USB cable to act as a power source OR a DC

Other than that I am not sure on what all stuff I would require. Here
is a list of things that I made up

1. A display (Is is possible for me to use a laptop screen as a
display. I have an old laptop thats just functional :slight_smile: ).

2. UART cable/USB Cable. -- To download images/ communicate between PC
and board.

3. Input devices. Keypad and mouse. Or can I use a serial port/USB
connected between my PC and the board to do that.

4. Audio devices. I have what I might need :).

5. Other peripherals for communication such as Wifi USB/ LAN.

Please feel free to add other essential stuff if any.

Thank you in advance for your inputs.


Hi Kozak - you will some additional cables, RS232 adaptor cable and a JTAG

- BeagleBoard adaptor kit SKU: 410 from to convert
10-pin header to SUBD-9 RS232 connector
- Flyswatter: SKU: 400 from to program / debug
  However the configuration script is not ready and will be posted on their
website as it comes available
- RS-232 null modem cable order code:

Also pay attention that you are using a decent linear power supply of +5V0 -
1A (Beagle Board consumes 410mA @ 5V0) - a normal non-regulated wall adaptor
of 5V can easily supply 6V and more if it is unloaded and 5V5 will destroy
the board

I am using a low cost Samsung TFT 226BW and image is crystal clear (DVI-D).

I guess this is the minimum configuration to get it up and running.

Have fun !

Best regards,

Michel Heuts

Hi Michel,
Thank you for the quick reply.
I have a HP w1907 TFT monitor for my PC. I thought I will use the
laptop screen as a temporary stuff. And try later on with the HP.


I posted a detailed list on the wiki (
and then look for BeagleShoppingList


Best regards,

It's nice to see a list of recommended hardware beagleboard websites.

However, does anyone have a list for recommended software to develop
on the beagleboard, maybe with some tutorials as well? Seems that
codesourcery, open embedded and bitbake are the three most popular
tools at the moment. I think I might be asking for something that has
been already posted a while back, a link to that discussion would be
helpful is that does exist.