Chipsee 7 inch display

Chipsee has a 7 inch display, similar in packaging to the 7 in. display offered by 4D/CircuitCo/LogicSupply, etc.

The Chipsee display has higher resolution 1024x600 (versus 800x480) and capacitive touch screen (versus resistive touch screen).

I have one of the 4D displays, and it was a “plug and play” experience to get running on the BBB.

Does anyone have experience bringing up the Chipsee display on the BBB?

They offer a prebuilt Debian image, but no other information as to what is inside it, whether it has custom drivers, special kernel, etc.

What would it take to get the Chipsee display running on something like one of the recent Debian_8/jessie releases?

— Graham


Thank you.

— Graham

This board is distributed by Logic Supply who are discontinuing it - no good for production - and have no other 7" on offer. A shame as Logic Supply tech support is superb. Another Graham.