Chipsee used with Debian


I wish to install XBMC and found that the chipsee could be used to complete the BBB as a media center.

From previous posts, it seems that there are some issues with the Chipsee, so I’m wondering:

Are Android or TI Linux the only possibilities to use chipsee display or the Debian is ok ?


I've never seen any chipsee kernel patches ready to be merged in the
community kernel, so I can't help you.


oh ok. By itself this is an answer: it means that if I want to have XBMC with Chipsee - I didn’t found any other device/cape/way to have LCD and sound - Android & TI’s SDK are the only solutions.

Thanks Robert.

Yeap, for "out of box" that's just the way it is. Someday a chipsee user
will post a dts patch..


“Out of the box” it means that a viable way could be implemented ? Kind of diff-> patch work I guess

Correct, to support those lcd's we most likely just need a custom dts

Here is the raw kernel branch + patchset:


I’m sure you see the question coming : knowing I don’t own a chipsee yet :what is the job to do from this branch ?

For example, this is the cape for the lcd7 from CircuitCo.

Chipsee's lcd is probably pretty close to the same pin configuration.


great thanks