Cloud9 and Default website not running!

Dear All,

I am a newbie to Beagle bone black, so please bear with me if my question is not relevant or redundant.

Problem: Cloud9 or the local webserver site is not rennung in the default port and ip address.

What I did before: I installed Python using putty from my windows machine to the beagle bone, Tryed to install node.js compiling locally. Tried installing sensor.js using NPM.

What happened after: After the above steps, I could not able to access cloud9 ide from the beagle bone local ip address, only the cloud9 logo came in and after that it was only a blank white screen. This time I was able to access the “default website- startup guide”

What I did then: I removed node.js

Now I can’t able to go into my default website (beaglebone startup guide) or cloud8 IDE

Can you please guide my how to bring everything to normal?

Thanks in advance!

Just re-flash. The default website/cloud9 utilize nodejs.