clpru command preventing install of PRU library

Previously I followed this minimal tutorial for doing a hello world for the PRU-ICSS, and was successful in verifying that I can compile assembly code to work with the PRUs. However, when I went out to try PRUSS-C on my beaglebone, I can’t even complete installing it, as I get stuck on one of the steps in the README that asks me to do the following commands:



export PRU_C_DIR="/path/to/ARMLinuxA8/include;/path/to/ARMLinuxA8/lib"
export PATH="/path/to/ARMLinuxA8/bin:/path/to/ARMLinuxA8/:/path/to/ARMLinuxA8/example":$PATH
clpru --silicon_version=3 -o1 blinkled_pru.c -z /path/to/ARMLinuxA8/AM3359_PRU.cmd -o PRU_tests.out -m
hexpru /path/to/ARMLinuxA8/bin.cmd PRU_tests.out


This is due to the fact that my BBB doesn’t even recognize clpru as a command:


root@beaglebone:~/projects/PRU/PRUSS-C# clpru
-bash: clpru: command not found


I have no idea where this command would come from. Google searches for “clpru” don’t turn up anything useful. Any suggestion about how get this command to work so that I can use this library? or is there something else I’m missing here?



Thank you. Installing that bit of software did the trick.