CM4 carrier in Beaglebone footprint

I’ve started work on a CM4 carrier in the beaglebone footprint

Any help with it would be great. I think it may only work if I can find 46pin SMD headers for it. Do those exist?

Help mapping the pins in the readme doc would be great too: CM4-Beagleboard/ at main · rosmo-robot/CM4-Beagleboard · GitHub

(Started a distinct thread so as to not clutter up the original thread this idea emerged from)

The more feedback you can get on the pinout, the better. I’m pretty sure I can get help with layout if the complexities of the pinout can be worked.

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I think the routing will be impossible unless space is freed up with SMD headers. I’ll look for those first.

I note te ULX4M FPGA testing seems to be going well, so that would be one completely open hardware module that could be dropped in.

Just a reminder to myself to look at the component choices made in CM4 daughterboard when I com back to this project