CMEM / DSP Link Config Error


I am having an issue starting up a custom codec server. The CMEM and
DSPLINK modules have been started without errors. The error message I

Configuration error: Combined memory entries (starting with
ADDRDSPVIRT = 0x87300000) does not have a size that is a multiple of
4KB. Size is 128.
DSP_init status [0x80008052]

I have not made any changes to the DSP Link or CMEM. I am using the
standard OMAP memory map, except I am allocation the CMEM memory after
the Codec Server Memory.

0x80000000 85 MB Linux
0x87300000 4 KB DSPLINK(RESET)
0x87301000 1020KB DSPLINK(MEM)
0x87400000 9 MB DDRALGHEAP
0x87d00000 3 MB DDR2 (BIOS, Codecs, Applications)
0x87F00000 60MB CMEM

Has anyone seen this issue?