code not running

hey everyone,

I’m very very new to this whole enterprise. I’m running my Rev C beaglebone black with Debian from a USB directly into my mac. I’ve installed the drivers and set up the ip address. I haven’t yet downloaded the latest software image because from what I’m reading one must have an SD card before one can do so. Forgive me-really trying to find my way through this stuff. My real problem though occurs when i go to cloud IDE and try to copy and paste the code provided on the beaglebone website to a new file within cloud. Nothing is seemingly working! The “hello world” program isn’t running and neither is the “blink” program. I’m getting different messages-“process stopped” or “failed to find socket”. At first I thought that it was because I had saved that test code in the autorun folder but then when I created a new file NOT contained within the autorun folder it still wouldn’t work. any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Total newb. Thanks.