Coding with C/C++ directly on Beaglebone, via IDE?

Thanks for your replies Chris and Neon

As now I’ve found a sort of compromise, using Eclipse on Ubuntu, but I was more interested in being able to code “on the go”.

Like if I have a monitor available I can hook up the BB and just start to code on it; same for the LCD screen. I am aware that compiling on the bone itself would be slow; but I think that if you need to, and have no other options, it is better than nothing.

The bone does not handle a full GUI environment, if you need to code, so my hope was that anyone has found a way to in fact write code on these boards without having a computer attached to it. Either with some app like cloud9, that in fact allows you to write C++ code, compile and run it directly on the bone, or with a sort of IDE, that is able to run on minimal X server (I don’t need the whole windows manager and such, I just need a window that allows me to code and build, so when I go back home I can copy what I coded and continue to work on the computer).

As is now I am oriented to just write shell scripts to make complex operations easier (and saves me a bunch of typing), and just use one of the shell editors; or I gotta write such IDE from scratch :slight_smile:

In the meantime I will give a try to both of your solutions…they look different from the Eclipse setup that I have now, so I am very interested in see how faster they are, compared to what I do now.