Colorizing ls, .bashrc

I just updated a BeagleBone Black from the October 2018 9.5 IoT release to the August, 2019 9.9 IoT release.

ls is no longer colorized, and there is no “.bashrc” file in the debian home, where the option is normally turned on/off.

If I install a “.bashrc” file there, it does not seem to be used.

So, what has changed?

A little Googling did not reveal anything.

Is there somewhere else where the dir and ls options are supposed to be set?

— Graham

I kept poking at it, and the answer is that both the “.bashrc” and the “.profile” files are
missing from the home debian directory in the August 9.9 release.
If you want the optional colorizing functionality back on the 9.9 release, you have to
manually add a valid “.bashrc” and a valid “.profile” file to the debian home directory.
— Graham