Common bootloader for different all the BeagleBone/BeagleBoards

I’m interested in this project but i dont know how to start. help please

any one knows how to contact mentor Hunyue Yau ?

Just a quick background with keywords you can search -

Right now we have 2 main groups of images and soon 3 main groups of images.
The BBC/BBX boards share a common image as the DM3730/OMAP3530 are very
similar. The BBB/BBW boards share a common image as they are AM335x boards.
The upcoming BB5 board will have another image. These images differ mainly in
the bootloader, more specifically, the SPL component. Most of userland is very
similar if not the same.

This project's goal is to combine as many of them as possible with the pie in
the sky goal of having a single image which is not likely given the time

As for getting started, a understanding of how the boot process works is
absolutely essential. Look at the TRM for the respective processors for the
process. Next is to look at the current bootloader and be able to build it.
Understand how the SPL component lays the ground work for the main bootloader,
u-boot. Be able to build it. The main thing that needs to be understood from
this is:
- The limited resources the SPL has.
- What it must do to prepare for the main bootloader.
- Differences in the platforms (addresses, resources, HW differences).

This is a great project. Hope to see some proposals for it soon.

Note: you can continue to revise your proposals after you submit them based on mentor feedback. Submit early, edit often!

I read a lot about the bootloader process and i did the cross compiling task.should i dive in U boot source code?

I read a lot about the bootloader process and i did the cross compiling
task.should i dive in U boot source code?

That would be a good thing to familiarize yourself with. The focus of this is
the SPL part. One other part is verifying there is a common version of U-boot
today that you can build a working bootloader for all the boards (or at least
most of them).

The general assumption (needs to be verified) is the main u-boot part should be
the same for the boards.

Another area to familiarize yourself with is a method of identifying the
boards and knowing the differences. Have not confirmed it myself (anyone else?)
but the registers on entry to the SPL code may have values that can be used to
id them.

What should my proposal include specifically for this project