Communication between 4 BBB


Is it possible to connect four BBB, three of them having a monitor with touch screen display and the input going to the main and out putting the necessarily commands? Is this possible or am I out of luck?

Is it possible that you understand programming language(s), and the concepts of at least one communication protocol ?

it is entirely possible that something like this already exists that I am unaware of. But honestly it should not be something too challenging if you have some programming experience under your belt.

Well it seems you can connect as many as you want together. Use a large
enough switch and connect them all via ethernet.
All boards should be set up with their own IP address and instant
communications. Sounds like there would be a great deal of software to
be written.
Maybe you can setup a Beowulf cluster of BBB ?

Been done on a PI


you are lucky, yes it is possible!


Beowulf would be far overkill for something as trivial as this. All you really need is some form of communication ( I2C, SPI, UART, Ethernet, etc ), and then a software “protocol”. Some form of IPC could even work, although technically, it would not really be IPC.