Complete flasher image?

When I received my Beaglebone Black, its eMMC contained a fairly complete and usable distribution of Angstrom: networking, build tools, etc. I want to update it, but the latest (12/07) flasher image flashes a totally useless minimal distribution–no networking, no tools, no opkg. On the flasher disk the build directory contains “Angstrom-Cloud9-IDE-GNOME-eglibc-ipk-v2013.12-beaglebone.rootfs.tar.xz”, which certainly sounds like it should contain all the good stuff, but is in fact just that minimum installation. Even the distribution on the flasher disk itself is more complete, and it’s only supposed to have the stuff needed to flash the more complete image from build.

So what’s up? Where’s the real flasher? How do I update my bone?

Did you try the link on the card that came in the box? It redirects to:


Yes, that just points to the Angstrom site, which I understand is undergoing some changes right now, but they’re still posting those images in the downloads folder. Seems like sometime around June the flasher images got a lot smaller, so maybe they decided to trim them down. But there’s no documentation of this, and the trimmed-down version doesn’t even do enough to make it more complete (i.e., no networking, opkg, etc.). Looks more like an oversight to me–something in their build recipe isn’t copying over all the good stuff.

It does not. It points to a location on where the image file is stored.

Note that the image is located on an Amazon site.


The top URL on the insert card points to the Wiki on eLinux, which points to Angstrom. The second URL points to Angstrom, and then to the Amazon mirror with an 0527 flasher image. I managed to find the 0904 one anyway, and it seems to be complete. I’m still curious as to why later ones seem not to be.

The support link is the correct one. The other is for the source code, not the production image that we ship with the board.