Composite Video on Beagle Board

Hello All,
I am trying to get Composite Video working on Beagle Board.
I am using 2.6.29rc3 with DSS2 changes included in them.
I changed the default .u.venc.type to OMAP_DSS_VENC_TYPE_COMPOSITE in arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3beagle.c
When I tried executing the instructions present in the DSS documentation (Clone GFX overlay to LCD and TV),
I could not get Composite Video working.

As I started debugging the code, I see that all the settings are getting reflected properly.
The resolution is set to 720 * 574, venc type is OMAP_DSS_VENC_TYPE_COMPOSITE,
dispc_go function in dispc.c is being called with omap channel set to OMAP_DSS_CHANNEL_DIGIT.

But in dispc_go function: I always hit with “if the channel is not enabled, we don’t need GO” condition and comes out of the function.
The following is the code snippet:

*********************** CODE START ***********************
if (channel == OMAP_DSS_CHANNEL_LCD) {
bit = 0; /* LCDENABLE /
else {
bit = 1; /

/* if the channel is not enabled, we don’t need GO */
if (REG_GET(DISPC_CONTROL, bit, bit) == 0) {
goto end;

if (channel == OMAP_DSS_CHANNEL_LCD) {
bit = 5; /* GOLCD /
else {
bit = 6; /
*********************** CODE END ***********************

Appreciate any help in this regard.

Kiran Murari

Hello All,
After trying out things on how to enable the VID1 TV Manager, I
figured out that the "Video for Linux" is not enabled in the kernel.
I enabled Video for Linux and in "Video capture adapters" I could see
the VID1 Overlay Manager and VID2 Overlay Manager.
I have set VID1 Overlay Manger to "Use TV Manager" and VID2 Overlay
Manager to "Use LCD Manager".
Now executed the "Clone GFX overlay to LCD and TV" script. But still
no luck in getting Composite Video working.

I did a register dump and I see that DISPC_CONTROL register holds the
value 0x1830B. Mapping this to the available bits,
both GODIGITAL and GOLCD are "0".
Couldn't figure out how to enable them.

Any thoughts?

Kiran Murari

have you considered using the std s-video instead of composite and an
external converter?